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    Respect for cyclists:Hi, everybody!

      I am gaoan united logistics co., LTD., chairman、Born in jiangxi province gaoan within a small towns、If you have now face the nation、Because the...

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    Gaoan united logistics co., LTD

    Gaoan united logistics co., LTD is a professional sales a new truck and truck of formal company for years。Company personnel equipped a leading industry、To provide the good faith is supreme customer service、Professional sales of new cars and models between years、And prices are regular matching shape、Let cool, buy the rest assured、Cyclists have enough money to provide mortgage payments、Laid a good reputation in customers and peers,The truck has long enough and stable customer group,At the same time the company also provides the vehicle door、The affiliated business。 The company is engaged in truck trading company、A car selling cars provide vehicles linked a dragon service。(The large and medium-sized shipping vehicles)。

    The company trading vehicle has the following kinds: Freight trains:All kinds of brand semi trailer、After the first four eight(There are free、The east wind、The man、Lapras、The dragon on the planet。Lapras brands。Cost burden9.8T、12T、25T) The first four after four(There are free、The east wind、The man、Jiang Huan、...